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Proof of authenticity is provided by Entrupy

Authenticity guarantee

Tomodachi products are Entrupy certified products.
The bags and wallets we sell are guaranteed to be genuine, so you can buy with confidence.

 Certificates are available on the Entrupy website.
After shipment, we will send you a URL to issue an entrupy certificate.
We will not send it on paper. If you need paper copies, please print them yourself.


Check the certificate


We have sold over 10,000 genuine luxury items.
So, we know that buying luxury items like LOUIS VUITTON, PRADA, GUCCI, etc. is not an easy task.

Tomodachis don't have to worry. Entrupy's Certificate of Authenticity guarantees the authenticity of the item you are purchasing, so you can buy with confidence.

You will receive a Certificate of Authenticity with your purchase and Entrupy's Money Guarantee as shown below.
If it turns out to be a fake, we promise a full refund guarantee.

*There are some items that are not eligible for appraisal, such as scarves and belts.

If the authenticity of Entrupy is wrong

All certificates issued by Entrupy come with a financial guarantee. If there is any doubt about the authenticity of the product for which the certificate was issued and Entrupy is wrong, the customer will be compensated for the economic loss.

*Money compensation is valid for one year after the first appraisal results are available. The money guarantee period cannot be extended.
*The compensation payment amount will be the amount paid for the purchase of the product in question.
*If you believe that the appraised item is not genuine, please contact us.